Selling gold is quick and easy
at Money & More!

Any kind of gold is great … fine jewelry with or without stones, broken jewelry with or without stones, gold coins and even dental gold! Just come on in where you will be greeted by professionals who do this for a living all day every day. We offer top dollar for your gold and diamonds, and you can walk out with CASH, quick and easy. You don’t need to mail off your valuables to someone you don’t know or sell to someone who just added buying gold to their business recently.

We are the professionals you can trust.

  1. First we will ask you if you want to sell your gold or get a loan on it. If you just need the money to get you through a tight time you may decide to get a loan instead of selling your gold so that you will be able to get it back later.
  2. Next your gold will be assessed for karat either with an acid test or electronically. It will then be weighed on a government certified legally accurate scale. Any diamonds will then be assessed and given additional value.
  3. Finally, you will then be presented with an offer for your gold which you can either accept or decline. The choice is yours!

It’s that simple!